My package was returned back to you. What can I do?

Packages may be returned because they remained unclaimed, the wrong address was specified, etc. We will contact customers whose packages have been returned to our warehouse to arrange reshipment. Items will be re-shipped in the same condition as they were returned to our store. In case a reshipment fee is required, our shop will be […]

I Only Received One Item, Where Is The Rest?

Occasionally, we need to send your order in two or more shipments. Our shipping charge applies only to the first package shipped. There are no additional shipping charges for subsequent shipments for the same order . If one item has been received, please know the rest of the order is on the way. Visit […]

Who pays for Customs costs?

Since we ship orders throughout the world, it is impossible for us to estimate such costs. Therefore, when you receive your order, Customs or Postal Office personnel will inform you of the costs and the way to get your package released from Customs. In the majority of the cases these costs are non-existent or very […]

What are’s shipping options? offers you three choices for shipping your order: Certified Air Mail , Express Mail Service or DHL .  1. Certified Air Mail Certified Air Mail is a mail service provided the Post Office. 2. Express Mail Service ( EMS ) Express Mail Service is a courier service provided by the Post Offices around the world. 3. […]

How Can I Track My IntiAlpaca Order?

Visit your order to track your order and find order details. Tracking will be emailed within 7 business days of placing your order. Orders placed on take up to 7 business days to process Check your spam/junk mail folder for this shipment confirmation (the subject line is “Your Order Has Been Shipped”) if you […]