inti alpaca the best  place to find alpaca CLOTHING for women, men AND KIDS

IntiAlpaca is dedicated to offer genuine alpaca clothing: sweaters, ponchos, cardigans, ruanas, shawls, gloves, mittens, scarves, socks, bags and more.


Alpaca Clothes & Alpaca Wool Apparel

Inti Alpaca offers high-quality, comfortable alpaca clothing and accessories in the latest styles and designs. We supply the highest quality Peruvian and Bolivian alpaca clothing from the most experienced alpaca apparel artisans in the world. We bring you the best Alpaca Brand “INTIALPACA” directly Peru and Bolivia. Our artisans take care of the details in each one of our garments, with such attention that they put the name of Peru and Bolivia on a high platter just by doing their work.

The influx in demand for alpaca fiber in the textile and fashion industry can be attributed to the increasing awareness about the high quality and sustainability of alpaca fiber. Luxurious to the touch, yet warm, cozy and lightweight, garments made from alpaca fiber are quickly catching on as one of the world’s best kept secrets in the clothing and fashion industry.

Our products are designed for women, men, and kids. We like to think of every single person, especially on you when we do our work so you can enjoy your adventures wearing the most comfortable and attractive materials crafted from Peru and Bolivia.

Thinking on you we have designed beautiful garments made of alpaca wool. We have alpaca ponchos, alpaca sweaters, alpaca ruanas, alpaca shawls, alpaca capes, alpaca gloves and mittens, alpaca socks, alpaca hats and caps to protect you from the cold winter. We have alpaca apparel for the little kids of the house, clothing for men, clothing for women.