We make our products for you

We are here to make you feel confident and good about yourself. Every time we create new clothing, we do it with one thing in mind: your well-being.

We made our products so you’ll feel secure.

We want to be part of your adventures, to help you discover the unknown.

Our products are designed for women, men, and kids. We like to think of every single person, especially on you when we do our work so you can enjoy your adventures wearing the most comfortable and attractive materials crafted from Peru.

Our products are designed for your type of lifestyle, however calm or fast or adventurous it might be, helping you to get ready for every situation.

We mix function with style, creating clothes that are comfortable, attractive and cute.

Let your outer personal style to reflect the inner you.

Our artisans

Our artisans put their passion and hard work in every action they make to bring you the best clothing and accessories on the market.

In INTI ALPACA we want to make their work more known, to praise the labor of the men and women that occupy a task that holds a great historical and cultural valor.

About two million persons in Peru and more than fifty thousand in Bolivia are artisans, and we are glad to say that we are part of this growing number, allowing our handcrafters to enjoy a better quality of life.

Our artisans take care of the details in each one of our garments, with such attention that they put the name of Peru and Bolivia on a high platter just by doing their work. This feature is one of the aspects that make the hand-crafting of these countries of high value on international markets.

We make sure our artisans are capable of making the adaptions demanded by the current market so they can achieve a greater commercial presence.

How are our products made?

Inti Alpaca strives to bring high-quality apparel combining the ancient Peruvian and Bolivian textile tradition with modern designs.

Our clothing is created with your tastes and preferences on the mind so that we can offer you the best of the best.

Our artisans are focused on making sure they achieve the best finish in our pieces, ensuring the quality of our products.

Every piece of clothing is in a perfect state, looking at every trim, stitch, and measurement to ensure the perfect fit.

Taking into account the tendencies and preferences of the market to combine the Peruvian and Bolivian traditional characteristics with modern styles.

Take a look to what we are talking about

To the fabric and factory of our apparels and accessories, Inti Alpaca uses our craftsmanship to represent our identity so it will be recognized as an original product.

We use handmade weaving machines making sure the process does not harm the environment in the least. By doing this we are assuring our products to be of high social value.